Fall Protection and Elevated Work Platform: The importance

admin OSSA Fall Protection

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis morning as I got to work at Mission Safety Services, I sat down at my desk and opened up my computer to read the news as I usually do. Scrolling through different stories, none of which really sparked my interest at all, I came across a very interesting one published by a company by the name of Powder Bulk Solids and the article they posted about Fall Protection. I found it particularly interesting what they mentioned in the opening sentence of their article.

“As companies look to save costs and maximize space within their facilities, many are expanding upward instead of outward. Elevated work platforms and multi-level racking systems are often a less expensive option to create additional storage space and work areas.”

This poses an interesting question about workplace safety, and the increased need for workers to be trained in fall protection. With so many companies expanding, the obvious way to utilize the space you already have is to build multi-level systems. This way you “increase” your floor space and therefore have found the most cost effective way to expand. But how do we stay safe, while not losing production? With deadlines coming, packages being sent, and everyone focused on getting the job done, it has never been more important to be trained, and to be an expert on fall protection and elevated work platform. Safety and production are often looked at as two separate entities, when they really should be taken hand in hand.

With my experience in the construction industry, there are hazards every single day, and in order to minimize our risk of losing days on the job, we all have to be smart and think about these things. Our Safety Training division realizes this importance, and offers weekly courses to keep you, and your co-workers working safe. Check out www.missionsafety.com or call 1-844-282-7233 (SAFE) for more information.