David Hansen

David Hansen

Rescue Technician

As a Rescue Technician, David Hansen assists with standby rescue at industrial sites. The specific type of rescue response depends on the job and can include high-angle and confined space rescues, as well as swift water rescues and ice rescues. David also assists in the delivery of basic life support. Drawing on his experiences and training from his work as a firefighter and a technical rescue team member, David approaches each challenge with an eagerness to problem-solve and work together with the rest of the dedicated staff to a seamless delivery of services.

Mission Safetys greatest strengths?
Definitely the people.

Training and expertise?
10 years on the fire department.

Favorite piece of Mission Safety equipment?
The jigger. (A small miniature advantage pulley)

If you could be a super-hero, who would it be?

Favorite food?

Hobby and special interests?
Playing hockey, and coaching my kids.

What motivates you at work?
Anything that makes me a better rescue technician!