Mark Brus

Mark Brus

Rescue Technician

Mark Brus has worked for Mission Safety since the start of the company. As a Rescue Technician, Mark works with the crew at a job site to ensure that, at the end of the day, everyone goes home safe. Having a degree in Chemical Engineering helps Mark understand the complexities of a chemical plant which proves helpful when planning for various rescue scenarios at sites. His years of experience as a firefighter and a technical rescue technician also afford him a strong set of skills to draw from. Due to his specialized knowledge, skills and experience, Mark is often a lead Rescue Technician. As such, he is required to assemble a crew, define the specific rescue scenario at a job, make an appropriate plan for the rescue, and oversee the pre-rigging at a job site. With his understanding and experience in industrial environments, as well as flexibility in being able to adapt to various situations, Mark helps deliver the best possible service.

Mission Safetys greatest strengths?
Highly trained group of people, strong management team, customer comes first, the best equipment money can buy.

Training and expertise?
Chemical Engineering Degree, 8 years on the fire department, 6 years as a technical rescue technician.

Favorite piece of Mission Safety equipment?
The jigger (A small miniature advantage pulley) and the block and tackle.

If you could be a super-hero, who would it be?

Favorite food?
Thai food, anything spicy.

Hobby and special interests?
I’m very active, backpacking, and white water rafting.

What motivates you at work?
Doing a good job, and positive customer feedback.