Raymond Agterbos

Raymond Agterbos

Water Rescue

As a key member of Mission Safety’s Water Rescue crews, Raymondis involved in a variety of components that are related to safety at water-related job sites. Setting up rigging lines, checking for potential hazards, and pre planning for a possible water rescue are just a few of the tasks Raymond is involved in. In addition to his skills and experience with Water Rescue, Raymond is also fully trained in all aspects of Rope Rescue. He has taught courses as well as led rescues at both the DeBeers Diamond Mine in Northwest Territories, and the Devon Energy plant. By combining both Rope and Water rescue, Raymond has a wide assortment of skills to draw on in order to develop and maintain an effective job site.

Mission Safetys greatest strengths?
Top quality people, top quality equipment.

Training and expertise?
Professional Scuba Diver, Rope Rescue Specialist, Firefighter.

Favorite piece of Mission Safety equipment?
No favorites, love it all.

If you could be a super-hero, who would it be?
Superman, nothing like the freedom of flying.
Favorite food?
Vietnamese, Thai.

Hobby and special interests?
Backpacking, climbing, scuba diving in exotic places.

What motivates you at work?
The people I work with and the people we work for.