Shea Tritter

Shea Tritter

Water Rescue

In working specifically with Water Rescue, Shea is responsible for the various components specific to rescues at water-related job sites. This includes checking for hazards at a job site, planning for downstream containment, and rigging lines for rescues across a river and repelling. Shea also assists in the delivery of medical services to injured divers. As a trained firefighter and a member of an aquatic rescue team, Shea brings a specific set of skills to Mission Safety. His expertise allows him to carry out everything necessary for a safe and effective water rescue job.

Mission Safetys greatest strengths?
Doesn’t cut corners… anywhere!

Training and expertise?
7 years on the fire department. Swam competitively for 14 years.

Favorite piece of Mission Safety equipment?
The boat. Finally a company taking water rescue seriously.

If you could be a super-hero, who would it be?
Aqua Man…Is that super hero?

Favorite food?

Hobby and special interests?
Mountain biking, skiing.

What motivates you at work?
The chance to help people and save a life.