Crane Operator and Slinging/Rigging Course

Crane Operator and Rigging course

This course is designed to equip students with the right skills and knowledge in the areas of crane safety, operator safety, material handling, accident avoidance, hand signals, and lifting requirements.

We can offer this course on your equipment at you location or at our training facility. Each student will be given instruction about the correct operation of equipment and how to remain safe. Covering areas such as inspection of equipment, maintenance, log books, proper techniques for rigging procedures, how to understand the data plate, safe working loads and the capacities of ropes, chains, slings, hooks and shackles.

There is an intensive classroom component followed by a practical test to evaluate the operator’s ability to safely inspect and operate the overhead crane, as well as rigging procedures.

A pass mark of 70% or above in all three element (Theory, Practical and hand signals) is required to pass this course.

This is a one day course (12 hours)

there is a minimum course cost of $1950 for up to 12 students plus $83.50 per student for course materials.

Instructors travel and expenses are extra

If you wish to book this course please contact

Mission Safety