Steve Smith

Steve SmithMy career in the industrial field began as an Emergency Medical Technician. I made it a priority to volunteer and engage in the world of emergency medical services. In doing so I was able to gain a ton of exposure and experience. A tragic accident at an oil field involving a friend and colleague brought me to the realization — that there is a real need for expertise in dealing with emergency situations for the millions of men and women working at countless plants, work sites, and industrial projects across Canada. I began thinking about how I could transfer the knowledge, skills, and experience I had acquired in my Emergency Medical career to this sector. Mission Safety Services was born! Along with its inception a set of principles were created. Principles, which the company adheres to today – hire only the most qualified personnel, never compromise on equipment, and never forget that our client’s safety is first and foremost.

I consider it a privilege to work with some amazing people. Each individual brings with them certain skills and experiences that make their contributions unique and valuable. Everyone at Mission Safety is passionate about what they do and they are committed to providing the best care and customer service possible. Our technicians learn from each other and challenge each other; they spur one another on and they support each other on and off the job. The technicians at Mission Safety are truly a “brotherhood” which is unique and cannot be replicated by any other company.

On every project we select only the most qualified staff. Our equipment choices are no different; all of our teams are outfitted with state-of-the-art gear. We make it a priority to constantly seek out and acquire the absolute best equipment to ensure that our teams have everything that they need to provide superior service. I would trust my own life with any of our equipment, and refuse to compromise safety to improve my company’s margins.

To this day, I continue to use the skills and experiences I gained during the early years of my career. I am fiercely proud to say that Mission Safety continues to provide uncompromised gold-standard service. Whether its pre-rigging at a site for a possible emergency situation or performing a swift water rescue, everyone at Mission Safety ensures that the job gets done without injury or incident. I sincerely thank you for your interest in Mission Safety. I look forward to serving you and your company!

Best Regards,
Steve Smith
Founder & President